Sliding Screen Door Motorized M-67


Sliding Screen Door Motorized

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Sliding Screen Door Motorized

At Bravo, we are a manufacturer of motorized retractable screens for sliding doors. Most homeowners love the look of large sliding screen doors, but do not open the doors because of the nuisance of insects and bugs entering into your home. With Bravo motorized screen doors that problem is eliminated. So now you can enjoy fresh air circulation and breezes without any worries.

Bravo designs and manufacturers our own retractable motorized systems. Currently, we have the most compact units available on the market today. Our automation allows you to control the operation of your screen with the touch of a button. In addition, our automated systems are compatible with other home automation (stereo and theatre systems, home lighting systems, thermostats, security system…) and your TV remote can operate up to 2000 units (shades, screens, blinds…)

Bravo screen doors are available in a selection of colors, so your frame and its casings accent or blend seamlessly with its surroundings. As well, we have several options of mesh fabric which give complete insect protection and varying degrees of solar protection depending on your choice.

Try Bravo screening products and see for yourself the Bravo difference.

ATTENTION: This model M-67 should be used in MEDIUM wind conditions only.

Dimensions of the Retractable Power Screen for Sliding Door M-67

* This model will accommodate an opening up to 230″ (W) x 120″ (H)

* Housing  casement – 2.64″ x 2.83″

* This model can be installed on an inside or surface mount