Patio Motorized Screen Diy Mzt136


Patio Motorized Screen Diy

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Patio Motorized Screen Diy Extra Large Zip-T® MZT-136

Bravo Motorized Screen – Extra Large Zip-T® Retractable Screen or MZT-136 is the ultimate in motorized screens. This system will fit even the largest of openings and provide you with complete insect and bug protection, UV protection and will not blow out under high wind conditions. This is the complete system to meet every need.

The MZT motorized screen allows you to control amount of sunlight, heat and glare that enters your living space with the press of a button. Bravo Motorization allows convenience and ease, especially with your large and wide retractable screens.

Bravo’s Zip T ® retractable solar screens are the ideal when wanting to control the temperature of your living space and to limit damaging UV rays as well. Our motorized retractable screen door also helps cut the annoying glare of the sun, thus allowing you to see your TV and computers easier. One of the best aspects of Bravo motorized screen doors systems is that they help to reduce your air conditioning costs by as much as 60% !

Bravo’s Zip T ®  Retractable System is designed with a unique end retention option that will withstand normal wind resistance, while still maintaining its operation. Our patent built-in dampening system means that your screen will flex under high wind pressures and does NOT come dislodged. Instead, Bravo Zip T® will maintain its position and the screen will remain anchored securely in its rails. Yes, your screen door will remain in its rails, regardless of the position – that is from fully closed to fully opened or ANY position in between. The lateral end retention created with its zipper prevents blow out under high wind condition.

Bravo MZT works perfectly for patio door screens to enclose your patio or porch area, giving you a comfort, safe place to relax and entertain.

Dimensions of Motorized MZT -136

*The housing cassette is 4″ x 4″ diameter for screens up to 180″(high) and 5″ x 5″diameter for screens greater than 180″ (high).

* This screen can be used in areas up to 19ft (wide) x 16ft (high)

* Can be mounted as an inside or surface mount