Motorized Patio Screen M-67


Motorized Patio Screen M-67

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Motorized Patio Screen

Most families and individuals enjoy entertaining, relaxing and barbecuing in their patio, porch, lanai areas during the warm months of the year. However, the one thing that we do not enjoy is the annoying bugs and insects that gather or the sun’s glare and damaging UV rays. At Bravo, we have the perfect answer to this bothersome problem — Motorized Retractable Porch Screens.

At Bravo Motorized Patio Screen are design and manufacture our motorized systems and can proudly say that we have the smallest motorized units available on the market today. With just one press of a button, you can control your screen, which means that you can control the light conditions and temperature of your space, making it an enjoyable and relaxing. Our motorized systems are compatible with other home automation systems.

Bravo Motorized Retractable screens for porches, patio and lanais allow you to enjoy fresh air circulation and ventilation, without obnoxious bug, insects, dust and debris coming in as well. In addition, our screens provide the perfect amount shade and protection from the sun’s harmful glaring rays and damaging UV light, while adding to a touch of privacy to your living space.

Our products blend seamlessly blend into the recesses appearing inconspicuous. They can mount on the interior and exterior of homes and buildings. Available for a variety of uses from patio, balconies, gazeboes, garages and workshops.

Bravo retractable patio screens are available in an array of colors to either match or blend seamlessly with your decor or finishings. We at Bravo, want your house to be the star, so our products are designed to be as inconspicious as possible. Bravo patio screens are meant to be their when you need them, but to retract back into their protective housing, out of sight, when you don’t. Bravo’s protective housing means that your screen is protected and will result in a long lasting screen and many much more enjoyable and relaxing times out in your patio area.

ATTENTION: This model is specifically designed for MEDIUM wind conditions.

Features of Bravo Motorized Screen- Retractable Porch Screen M67:

* This system can be used for an area or enclosure up to 230″ (H) x 120″ (W).

* The housing cassette is 2.64″ x 2.83″ in diameter.

* Inside or surface mount available for this model.

* This system is perfect for any residential or commercial use.

* System M-67 comes complete and is very easy to mount.

Benefits of Bravo Retractable Patio Screens M-67:

1-Reduces energy for heating & cooling

2-Stops UV rays from harming interior & furnishings

3-Gives you 99% view out through the fabric and maybe 5% looking in

4-Motorized system compatible with most home automation systems

5-Standard TV Remote can control up to 2000 units